The War Continues part 2

Two of the most vicious cyberthugs that wallow in the cesspool of Muskrat fanaticism have recently made comments and have commenced blowing the “Gary” dog whistle. Disgusting GIFs and endless harassment is on the way. Meanwhile, the comments keep going up:

“I envision development of the Moon as a series of steps toward it becoming essentially a giant factory for building first space solar power components and then large metal constructs like Nuclear Pulse Propulsion discs and sections of miles-in-diameter space colony habitat. The NPP discs being used for spaceships and to lift those sections off the lunar surface. But long before that a way to get people, not so much equipment, to and from the Moon will be needed. A fleet of shielded Lunar Cyclers would travel around the Earth/Moon and provide safe passage without any dosing, either from solar events or cosmic radiation. These Cyclers will just go round and round and they have to be intercepted by spacecraft launched from the Earth and from the Moon to embark and disembark passengers. If Starship is going to lift cargo into LEO then it might be able to launch “tugs” carrying passenger capsules to intercept Cyclers. I would guess this tug would burn three times, first to escape Earth orbit, second to match the Cycler, and third to reenter, the capsule, carrying passengers from the Moon back to Earth, would then separate from the tug and they would reenter separately for reuse. This would be different than a cargo tug which would burn direct to the Moon and the engine would separate for free return, reentry, and reuse. In my opinion this is the best way to support Moon development, by NOT refueling Starship in orbit but by using it simply as a second stage.”

“se jones: Gary, why don’t you slither back under that rock you’ve been hiding under, you’re not welcome here.”

“se jones- Ball Peen Hammer: Just goad Gary into spouting some revolutionary violence talk, as soon as he starts talking about shooting new-space promoters, Jeff will have Disqus block his addresses.”

se jones-Ball Peen Hammer: Figures that he’s a Bernie bro communist. Manned geo comsats, atomic bomb propelled giant spacecraft, recycled world socialism…same level psychotic delusions. That’s entertainment.

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