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To my readers: I started this blog back in 2015 due to the severe punishment I was receiving from Elon Musk fans on discussion boards. This blog allowed me to state my views without being incessantly excoriated. I needed it. So how did my interest in space travel start? Space was never my favorite subject until I came to a kind of epiphany about the meaning of life around the turn of the century. As a troubleshooter, it became quite clear to me that freezing people was the answer to most of the worlds problems- but there seems to be a collective psychological barrier to this solution in effect. I connected cryo-suspension to space travel as an alternate and my personal interest in space took off. I saw it as a kind of two birds with one stone. The first book I read that really changed my worldview was “Project Orion, the true story of the atomic spaceship” by George Dyson. George is the son of the famous scientist Freeman Dyson who recently passed away and the book is about his father’s work on Nuclear Pulse Propulsion. I read the book while researching nuclear warfare to help my wife with a class on situational ethics. I read the book and became an instant space enthusiast. The book is out of print but used copies can be had occasionally for around 20 dollars on Amazon.

The second work that profoundly changed the way I looked at space exploration was not a book but a short 2006 magazine article that in my view was worth a couple of books: “Shielding Space Travelers” By Eugene Parker in Scientific American.  This article is available for download but I do not know how long that will last.

Click to access Parker%202006%20Scienfitic%20American%20Shielding%20space%20travelers.pdf

The third work that really completed my perspective on space exploration was “The High Frontier” by Gerard K. O’Neill, written back in 1976.

Another great piece is Solem’s Medusa paper from 1991:

If you want to read Parker’s article and Solem’s Medusa paper that will quickly enlighten you as to why I created Ice on the Moon. As a systems troubleshooter I have a flow-chart in my head that automatically connects the dots on difficult problems like space travel. Russian Cosmism seems to be where I am going with all this. It may be that if a person with an average IQ (like me) can set aside their biases and understand basic concepts about cosmic radiation and nuclear pulse propulsion they will understand where I am coming from. Enjoy.

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