Two Sentences

From David Badash, RAW STORY: All 26 Republicans on the powerful House Oversight Committee have refused to sign a simple, two-sentence statement denouncing white supremacy. “We, Members of the Committee on Oversight and Accountability, together denounce white nationalism and white supremacy in all its forms, including the ‘Great Replacement’ conspiracy theory. These hateful and dangerousContinue reading “Two Sentences”

Comments 23-2

“I believe you are missing the larger picture regarding Shuttle’s most valuable function/capability.” I can see the Shuttle having been useful if not for a couple of grave shortcomings. It was a case of going cheap and this costing far more in the long run that what-should-have-been would have cost. The two loss of crewContinue reading “Comments 23-2”

Kinzinger: Lies Trump Truth

Plato did not like democracy because the mob voted the death penalty for Socrates. That is where representative democracy came into play to moderate direct democracy. A very simplified and paraphrased and somewhat analogized version of an over two-thousand-year-old historical saga, but as true as any such approximation. Climate catastrophe is looming and whether civilizationContinue reading “Kinzinger: Lies Trump Truth”


Democracy Delegitimizing Extremism. To the far right the term “Democracy” is not much different than “Communism.” In their view they are both systems that steal from the wealth creators.