Behind the GOP gaslighting over Pelosi attack: They know it won’t happen to them

Heather Digby Parton The Republican base is highly motivated by the Big Lie and its ongoing hatred for what they perceive as the forces that are destroying American culture — immigrants, Black people, “cosmopolitan” city dwellers (often meaning Jewish people), feminists, liberals (aka “communists”), LGBTQ people and so on. The proliferation of crazy conspiracy theoriesContinue reading “Behind the GOP gaslighting over Pelosi attack: They know it won’t happen to them”

Discordant Knowing

A new series of nine experimental studies indicates that “discordant knowing”, certainty about something one perceives as opposed by the majority of others, predicts greater fanaticism. The studies showed that experimental manipulation of participants’ views, i.e. putting them in a situation where they are set to see their views as being in opposition to theContinue reading “Discordant Knowing”

Comments on Matt Williams Artificial Gravity Story

A Near Sea Level Radiation One Gravity (NSLR1G) environment is the prerequisite for Human Space Flight Beyond Earth Orbit (HSF-BEO). A massive cosmic ray water shield (CRWS) and Tether Generated Artificial Gravity (TGAG) system are the only practical ways to provide this. The keys to providing NSLR1G crew compartments are double-hulled “Fat Workshops” lofted asContinue reading “Comments on Matt Williams Artificial Gravity Story”