The War Continues

“I can’t have a conversation with you if others are going to attack me. I would direct you to the classic article for the layman on space radiation written by the world’s acknowledged expert on the subject, “Shielding Space Travelers” by Eugene Parker- the guy they named the space probe after. Nothing stops heavy nuclei except 5 meters of a hydrogen rich material. There is no magical force field that is going to stop heavy nuclei. That would be magic. A great deal of misinformation has been put out by those who don’t believe in Feynman’s famous space shuttle quote about what is required for a technology to work. Have a good day.”

Not the war in Ukraine; the war against the Musk Cult. A new tactic is to delete the comment that is being attacked and replace it with a “sorry, I can’t discuss that with a Fanboy in the room calling me a liar.”

“You get what you pay for. You want to go to the Moon you need a vehicle that can get you there. If you believe, with your eyes watering, that this is not worth the tax dollars- then write your congress person. Why cry about it to me? It is a Super-Heavy Lift Vehicle that can send crews directly to the Moon and that sounds perfect to me. There is no other SHLV ready to go. Have a good day.”

“It is going to take America back to the Moon. If it is your political farce and failure of government, you own that. It is my victory and a triumph for Americans.””

“Write your congressperson and tell them you want everything privatized. I am a progressive and despise NewSpace ideology. You are complaining to me why?”

“You don’t have a clue about what you are talking about. America went to the Moon by way of a government agency directing industry to build them what their mission-oriented engineers wanted…not what industry and their profit-oriented boardrooms wanted. Certainly not what a billionaire hobbyist wanted. Why is “NASA” going to the Moon? To explore? For national prestige?

The Government is so tangled up with Neoliberal agendas it cannot state the most logical goal that would justify funding space over DOD projects. That goal being Space Solar Power as the solution to climate change.”

“To provide a near sea level radiation environment requires 5 meters of hydrogen rich shielding. There are no magic magnetic fields that stop heavy nuclei according to Dr. Eugene Parker- the recognized authority on the subject. 16 feet of water (the most likely medium since this would be used in a closed loop life support system) surrounding any space quickly adds up to thousands of tons and for a spaceship with more than a couple astronauts on a multi-year mission the space required equates to tens of thousands of tons of water. That is a true statement. Without shielding and artificial gravity astronauts will suffer dosing and debilitation on long duration deep space missions. TomDPerkins is lying about the shielding not being required because it violates NewSpace dogma.”

Great video posted on a forum crawling with spacex fanboys. It drives them nuts.

“I have three suggestions for Elon.

1. Change the program from Starlink and Mars to Space Solar Power and the Moon.

2. Build a 2 million pound thrust engine to go along with Raptor. Super Raptor.

3. Send up that fundamental building block to get humans off of Earth: the “Fat Workshop”, a double-hulled minimum 60 foot diameter stage. Fill the 16 foot thick outer envelope with lunar water and then attach something of equal mass with a mile long tether and spin at around one RPM and you have a Near Sea Level Radiation 1Gravity habitat. That is how humans get into space.

Once you have those workshops going into space you can put more and more people up there and working in factories under the lunar surface. You can make the workshops into Space Stations (in lunar orbit and in GEO), Lunar Cyclers, or Spaceships. First you start making Space Solar Power satellites and then you can build giant miles-in-diameter space habitats. And finally, with Beam Propelled shuttles you can start bringing human beings into space in large numbers.

And that, Mr. Musk, is how you do it.”

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