Too Stupid To Survive

The movie is described in wiki as “-a satirical tackling of the climate change crisis.[4]

The movie was delayed by the Covid Pandemic and after seeing the trailer last night it keeps coming to mind. There is a conspiracy theory about the virus being engineered in a Chinese lab that is pretty thin. I have written before on why humankind needs to expand into space as an insurance policy and an engineered pathogen is at the top of that short list. A pathogen designed to be highly contagious, persistent, and 100% lethal is not that big of a challenge with present technology. Any doomsday cult with a converted billionaire as a true believer could end our species.

The subject of the movie itself is second on that list of things that could kill us all. The dinosaurs are the lesson we keep ignoring in favor of marketing shoes and pickup trucks. We are likely too stupid to survive and that is the great filter that keeps intelligent life from spreading into the cosmos. Third on the list is a super-volcano epic and this could also be triggered by an impact.

Considering our present course toward civil conflict in the United States the real cause of our probable extinction really is that we are just too stupid. Before Trumpism I never would have believed humans are such incredible idiots.

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