Company Over Country

They fine-tuned their algorithm to make people angry. For money.

29:10 “-in some ways we live in a world- where truth is eroded- incredibly partisan ideological views of the way that the world works that claim to be representations of truth.”

“Contested narratives” aside, some things are harmful and some things are helpful. Rittenhouse is now saying he supports BLM, but he killed two people on that side of the street. So…what about language driving people to kill that Facebook is making billions off of?

“According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, VDARE, which received $70,000 last year and nearly $2 million in 2019, “regularly publishes articles by white supremacists.” YAL, which received $1.3 million through Donors Trust in 2020, has been affiliated with the white nationalist and the neo-Nazi organization Identity Evropa. The group removed its president after multiple women leveled allegations of sexual assault in January. And another $600,000 went to the New Century Foundation, which SPLC, the Anti-Defamation League, and academics consider a white supremacist group.”

It is all dragging us down into chaos…and that is not a ladder.

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