7:40 Al thinks he is being funny but it is actually exactly how the Russian disinformation tactic known as “The Firehose Of Falsehood” actually works. Truth just dilutes the effect of the tactic. If people actually see some bits of truth it takes away from the completely false reality and the idea there is no such thing as truth.

36:35 “Thereby proving they ARE a bunch of political hacks.” The highest court in the land…is a red flag that a fascist takeover is likely.

55:30 “If you try and misuse the rules, distort the rules, do things for naked political advantage or damage the country because you think it will bring you advantage, then you’re not going to have an institution that works.” And that is exactly what Moscow Mitch has done to the Senate. The result is opposite of Salus populi suprema lex esto.

“Or… if he loses again, he’ll just try to steal it.”

“The country can’t survive torching the constitution.”

This is what is going to happen and nobody will do anything to stop it. We are headed toward a civil war.

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