We Know What They Are Saying

7:00– Coded language. She nailed it. “Underlying all this is the party has been afraid for decades that it is essentially going to be cast as the black party-.”

Teaching the young is really the ultimate power base…and why they went after Socrates. The right seems to eternally play the vengeful Plato in this over two thousand year epic.

Masculinity and sociopathy have much in common. These borderline sociopath politicians are after the ultimate next level psychopath fantasy- Fascism.

“Violence has always been at the heart of patriarchy…we’ve got to deal with the fact that men typically don’t have deep friendships with other men.”

The original Ben-Hur had a very different meeting between the two antagonists at the end of the movie- and a half a century later we can now see a different path. The opposite path is being pushed also:

The kill AOC meme has been a constant for several years. It is one of those things that separates the crazy fascists from the rest of us. The storm is coming.

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