The Collective Individual

I keep trying to figure out the difference between those on the right who seem to worship themselves as the center of all things and those on the left who are portraying themselves as the opposite. The problem is I am attempting to stereotype humans as one or the other and of course they are not.

We are, each one of us, a collection of traits and behavior patterns and are driven by various psychological mechanisms turned on and off by different triggers. It is perhaps the gift of God that I began as a nihilist and slowly came out of it simply because I did not want to continue that living death.

The lesson of Christ is that life, consciousness, is an act of sacrifice in which time murders us slowly with each passing second- and we necessarily sacrifice reality and sanity by ignoring mortality. We are all broken on the cross. Terror Management Theory has already been operating for a couple thousand years in the Church. None of us are truly sane because to practice reason and look into the face of oblivion is far beyond what anyone can bear.

In extreme manifestations the right goes Nazi and the left Communist. World War two was the collective expression of these full tilt polar opposites made real.

And now it is America, which had elements of both fascism and socialism during that war, that is in a psychic battle with itself to decide the future of humankind.

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