The War to Come

An American civil war between the right and the left looks likely at this point. I state this because of my experience with my coworkers who represent a snapshot of millions of white undereducated blue collar Americans. These millions who have been dumbed down in their Trumpist bubble to the extent that a future coup attempt is now being accepted as almost certain.

“The storm” is a Q camouflage term for what the white power movement know as “the day of the rope.” In Nazi Germany it was called “Kristallnacht” and the movie franchise “the purge” presents a fantasy version of it. It is essentially the day they murder everyone who ever publicly declared against them.

The most bizarre feature is the Black and Hispanic churches that identify as Evangelical and have adopted Trumpism. The absolute amoral greed and racial hatred that is integral to Trumpism would see them exterminated. It is truly strange.

The Trumpist’s are asking each other the question:

“How many elections are they going to steal before we kill these people?”

The answer they are not saying out loud is: “these people are allowing us to steal the next election and then we are going to kill them.”

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