It was not 1984, it was 1983

5:51 “I think language is very important. White power refers to a revolutionary movement that seeks to threaten the American people and to threaten the nation. White nationalism is a little bit different and includes many of the policies sought by the Trump administration. White Supremacy is bigger than both of those things; it includes all of them and it also includes all of these inequal systems that have been built into our country from the beginning- and that we have to treat if we’d like to deal with either of these other problems.”

Concerning the falling white birth rate: 9:12 “-for white power activists this was a problem because they saw their race as their nation. And this is one of the reasons that white nationalism is sort of a confusing term because the nation in white nationalism after 1983 is not the United States, it is the Aryan nation and that’s thought of by people in this movement as of higher importance than the United States and certainly as outweighing any democratic system.”

The seven conspiracy theories most Trumpist’s believe in: 1. Stop the steal 2. Anti-vax (and anti-mask) 3. Climate change denial 4. Trickle-down economics 5. The great replacement 6. The lost cause 7. Holocaust revisionism (and Qanon)

In George Orwell’s 1984 the masses were brainwashed with the concept of the opposite of the truth being the truth if the state said it was. Since the Trump administration the Russian disinformation tactic called “the firehose of falsehood” has been in full play in America and bears a striking resemblance to Orwell’s dystopian idea of “doublethink.”

Why 1983? Professor Kathleen Belew marks that year as when all the disparate elements came together at the Aryan Nations compound in Hayden Lake Idaho and effectively declared war on the U.S. government.

17:45 Kathleen lists the three key developments in the white power movement after 1983:

  1. Leaderless Resistance
  2. Social Network Activism
  3. The Militia Movement

6:00 “Heil Trump!”

The violence in all of this is the salient feature. The more violence the closer to a state of anarchy that will bring the government down. I am afraid the failed coup was just practice for the next one that is, at this point, almost certain to come.

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