The Fascist Invasion

It is not the brown people from elsewhere that are “invading.” It is the Neo-Nazi’s and the “The New Lost Cause” is the wagon they are climbing onto.

I keep trying to come up with ways to explain to my brainwashed acquaintances the reality of Neoliberalism. When I tell them the reason billionaires are not millionaires is because all that money that should be going into the pockets of the people who created it is going into their pockets. They look at me with a blank stare because they are immediately confused about who has the money and who does not. It confuses them because they have been programmed from childhood to believe they only deserve what the rich give them and not what they actually have earned. The first question about the economy that everyone needs to understand concerns what is “work” worth? It is actually a question of what a human being is worth. Can a human being be “worth” tens of thousands of times more than another human being? That is the true nature of Neoliberalism, which seeks to make money the god of this world. Human beings are second and wealth is first and above human life. This is the inconvenient truth.

If you have a hundred thousand times more money than another person then you are, according to the Neoliberal belief system, a demi-god and should have absolute power over lesser beings. Those powers to include how much the billionaires pay their employees for their work. The individual that follows the path of absolute greed will support the ideal of paying their employees just enough to put the food on the table that will enable them to work the next day. And in their view the employee should be grateful and even worship them for providing that food. This is wage slavery and just above chattel slavery. Those that threaten your profit margin or do not generate revenue are “useless eaters” and will eventually require a “final solution.” See how that works?

Fascism is a cleverly disguised version of Neoliberalism and worships the same god.

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