73 Days

Anything new deal left and anti-corporate has been “canceled”, including Noam Chomsky, Ralph Nader, and Chris Hedges. But change is coming. Change or guillotines.

11:00 “-it’s intentional, this feigning of outrage- you have millions of people- who have a reason to risk their lives to change the system, while you pretend like you are- equally injured- so they are trying to co-op that narrative- when- they are the oppressors.”

Thank you Ben Dixon.

The people who are losing their status are fighting back and this is how. It is like the crisis actors in conspiracy theories, except, these oppressors using conspiracy theories as a tool are also the crisis actors.

The secret to all this is the super-rich avoiding taxes. Everything revolves around this. The culture wars are being used as a distraction. Embedded liberalism and the 91 percent tax rate on the top earners from The New Deal era is what the Neoliberals are absolutely terrified of.

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