74 Days

My latest YouTube comment: “The right wing really believe that telling the best lie is a good business practice and this by itself has the effect of corroding all structures in a society and eventually bringing it crashing down. Neoliberalism has been going on since the first city state rose and fell. It is why Socrates was given the option of suicide or exile for “corrupting the youth” (telling the truth). He threw the B.S. flag on them and killed himself to show the world what was happening. It is the cycle of empire where greed and corruption eventually bring all great states to ruin. We no longer have the option of playing this game and should not have to. But the predators keep trying to kill everyone except their valet parking team.”

Steve Bannon was indicted for his wall scam and Trump of course denied knowing him very well and that project was “for government and not private.” Complete lies that nobody except a true believer believes. God please let this end.

I did not get to swim this morning- the pool was full of soldiers doing drownproofing. Oh well. I will try and get some laps in tomorrow morning.

My second comment on the same YouTube video: “Actually, what I call “obscene wealth” is a danger to civilization and the only solution to that destroyer is “redistribution of wealth.” The wealthy have paid billions over the last half a century to think tanks and P.R. organizations to propagandize the idea that redistribution (a.k.a. as taxes) are theft and satan come to Earth. And the dummed-down masses mostly believe it. That another human being can have billions of dollars in their bank account and want us to believe they deserve that unbelievable power- even though they are in fact just another one of us. People who speak truth to power and plainly state there should be no billionaires are shouted down as “communists” and the amazing rage against them speaking the truth is…again…unbelievable.”

And a third comment: “2:21 “#1 on that list is when people deny the obvious.” “They must have gotten there out of merit-” So…whenever the majority report bashes Jordan Peterson I post video lectures from him where he states truths just like you do Cenk. He is not perfect but many of his views are actually to the left. One of those videos discusses IQ and another discusses the big five personality traits. IQ was weaponized by the U.S. Army at the turn of the last century and has been constantly improved for going on a full century. The Big Five is the result of a long series of personality tests going back almost as far and is extremely good at predicting outcomes. After IQ and the Big Five is Academia. If Academia worked the way it is supposed to the most driven intelligent people would receive credentials that would ideally enable public service. AOC is a perfect example. What we have with C student Bush and Trump is the opposite of course.”

If you look at the YouTube comments they are an endless string of Trump. I smell Russian computers at work. They are doing it again. What is crazy is the incessant chant that there was no Russian interference and that was a “witch hunt” has most people thinking it is true. Tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth.

A grave counter-intelligence threat brought to you by the Trump organization. What is happening right now: Our adversaries are boosting Trump and denigrating Biden.

Not much else to say.

That is Trumps Supreme Court Justice, one very important one among hundreds of conservative appointees that are presiding over courts now. That is how much trouble we are in.

And here we are- that history not many people know about it. The poor south used to be democratic because the left was on their side. Then after the civil rights movement the right went racist and turned poor whites from the lefties that were on their side to the party of the rich that was never and will never be. Crazy.

This is probably the best single video explaining the present situation. 5:20 seems to point to Hayek as being Satan come to Earth. If anyone deserves the title Antichrist it is Hayek.

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