72 Days

One of the best pieces I have seen in years. Thank you Wade Davis and Amanpour&Co.

My comment on YouTube: “We have discovered we live in kind of a failed state with a dysfunctional government.” It is called Neoliberalism- Hayek and the Chicago school worked for decades to undermine Embedded Liberalism and it went downhill fast with the Reagan Revolution. Corporate think tanks have been brainwashing Americans to think the safety nets and high tax rate on the top earners is wrong when a half century ago we all took it for granted (except for a much smaller percentage of rabid conservatives) that the New Deal made America great.”

9:30 What Chris saying is true. But because he rightfully lays the blame on Corporatism, it will not be admitted or generally accepted by media or allowed to be widely disseminated.

13:50 The Clinton campaign pushed Trump because they thought he would be easy to defeat.

14:44 The most ominous danger indeed. “Bill Clinton does that make that argument anymore” (NAFTA will create jobs). But was it a lie? Not at the time, but this is very different than directly disseminating lies as truth. “There job is to make sure that people speak about a verifiable reality- those institutions have become corrupted, weakened, destroyed…or been replaced-.”

The only way to battle the Christian right- giving them the kind of jobs, the unionized jobs, that were once available, where you had job security, job safety, a pension plan, medical benefits, and a salary that could sustain a family. That’s all gone.”

“Unless there is sustained mass civil disobedience to put pressure on- two political parties and a system that is completely captured by corporate power, then what is coming will not- be good.”

Hayek’s Neoliberalism, Ayn Rand’s Objectivism, Plutocrats corrupting the political process; and what this toxic cocktail will result in is obvious:


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