I Feel Like Hans Litten


A certain lawyer who tried to stop Hitler. It did not end well for him. Though I am not a lawyer, I do have quite a bit of material posted on the internet, which is forever. And if they take power, me, and many others, will also end badly. Very badly.

These creatures on the right lie and lie and endlessly, incessantly, and unashamedly, lie. To them the concept of truth is a pathetic joke. Truth is something to be corrupted and turned against those who believe it will save them. Those who hold to the truth have a huge obstacle to overcome when dealing with the right. We think that they think as we do…that the truth has meaning and should be held sacrosanct. But they do not think that way at all. In fact, they go in the opposite direction and believe the truth is a problem and an obstacle to them taking absolute power. They hate the truth.

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