White Planet

I attended a holocaust memorial event some years ago at an Army base and it was one of the most intense experiences of my long life. It was not the testimony of the very aged survivor or solemn words by other speakers that changed me forever. It was simply the look on the faces of the two visiting German army exchange officers who took part. I had never seen such profound sadness and guilt displayed by human beings. It is possible they were acting but I do not think they were. They were owning it.

As the planet lurches toward a climate catastrophe what no mainstream media will talk about is the Neo-Nazi final solution to all problems on Earth. The secret dream of the extreme right is for seven billion non-whites, jews, progressives, and useless eaters to be exterminated. That would leave a billion healthy “Aryans” to breed their best and repopulate the world with supermen. The scariest thing about it is…no one seems to believe it is possible- except the ones who are working on making it a reality. In four years, the Nazis put to death two thirds of Europe’s Jewish population. They did this by using industrialized techniques of mass murder. These factory-like programs utilized mass transportation by train to death camps run by inmates who were allowed to live longer by herding others into the gas chambers and then removing the bodies to the crematoriums.

If you think such horrors can never be repeated, then think again. The Nazis designed their genocide program to run largely by itself while they stood around the electric fences with guns and smoked and joked. It was designed to be easy for them to just not look at what was happening right in front of them. And it worked. This kind of organizational psychology has come a long way and genocide is no difficult project.

I once read somewhere that the “good German”, who was ostensibly not part of the Nazi evil, was an inside joke in postwar Germany. It is obvious that very few would actually admit to knowing what was happening in the camps. But it is hard to believe they did not. Imagine whole neighborhoods in your town suddenly vacant. They thought they would win, and, in the end, the genocide written out of history. As if it never happened and as if the millions who were murdered had never existed. Simple. It is not hard to imagine, regarding six million jews and five million other undesirables, that 21st century technology could scale up from millions to billions. In a single decade it could all be over, and the billion humans left, having saved their now white planet, could then begin a new age. A polluted overheated world no longer overpopulated with inferior races and given a second chance with evermore healthy and intelligent beings.

This is white grievance and nihilism followed to their logical nightmare ending. And if you do not think there are millions who hold this secret dream as the best of all possible worlds, then you are just not one of them. I have met them every so often my whole Caucasian blue-collar life. Just the tip of the iceberg. They are real. Believe it.

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