Atomized and Degraded

Back in 2013 Chomsky talked about jobs being the critical issue to the population yet ignored by powers that be. Plenty of work to be done but not enough profit to make it worth the while of the ultra-rich. We are kept “atomized” to keep us from interfering.

99 out of 100 have never heard of the Knights of Labor. Security forces destroyed them in the 1890’s. And Jews were among the most prominent leaders. There were German immigrant and Italian immigrant anarchist movements, but they had been mostly crushed by the late 1920’s. Europeans were appalled at the way America treated labor activists. The civil war never really ended as race and immigrant antagonisms were used to keep labor from organizing.

“People may accept obedience and deference and following orders but not very far below the surface; they don’t like it. And when people can express themselves, you see it.”

“So, (they) have to block democracy, that’s a real threat.”

“In the United States, for example, we are a very free country by comparative standards, roughly seventy percent of the population has no influence on policy at all.”

“You take a look at popular opinion; the public thinks the deficit is not a major problem. The major problem is jobs.”

“But that’s not what the financial institutions want, that’s not what the wealthy want, so therefore it doesn’t enter into political discussion.”

“It’s a business-run flawed democracy.”

“Functioning democracy, would mean, for example, that stakeholders, workforce, and community, take over enterprises and run them themselves. They say it is impossible.”

“Impossible is their term, reality is what we want to construct.”

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