Hydrogen Hatred and Dinosaurs

Projected Increase in Space Travel May Damage Ozone Layer

The propellant mix that produces water; hydrogen and oxygen, is most hated by NewSpace. The automatic demonization of hydrogen whenever mentioned goes back to the hobby rocket fanatics of a decade ago who insisted the falcon 9 could do everything and anything else was from satan.

The only likely path to expanding humankind off-world, Space Solar Power by way of lunar resources as envisioned by Gerard K. O’Neill, is most hated by NewSpace. That rocket jesus declared Space Solar Power “a stupid idea” is absolutely about his inability to completely own such a massive undertaking- only the resources of the state, and international pooling of resources, can enable powering civilization from space.

The ideology most likely to result in a fascist takeover of America, Neoliberalism, is most loved by NewSpace. Consider hydrogen hatred and Space Solar Power as stupid and it is clear Neoliberalism is the common factor.

While it was stupidity that made the dinosaurs extinct, it is simple greed that may end our species.

MagellanTV Original Documentary “Killer Asteroid: Defending Earth” to Make Impact Thursday, June 30 on the Global Streaming Service

The only comment so far on the killer asteroid article is a spacex fanboy promoting the idea of asteroid mining with several idiotic upvotes. An affirmation, an “Amen!”, to the ideology that holds Mammon as the lord of their world. Even possible extinction takes second place to profit. Unbelievable.

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