Part 7

I would guess the structure being discussed would serve to deploy and aid in stabilizing a tether system suspending mult-thousand ton masses, rather than be the actual load bearing part of the system.

And while zero G debilitation is half the problem, the other half that must be solved along with it is cosmic radiation, which requires those thousands of tons of mass, almost certainly water derived from lunar ice.

It is fascinating to see the waffle-comments on this due to NewSpace dogma that has always trivialized any of the physiological requirements. True believers tend to anchor themselves to their false doctrines. The reality is one gravity and near sea level radiation is what astronauts, especially young females, must have for real careers in space.

Just mention a spacex product and all the screaming cheap and hatred for anything not from the mind of Musk magically disappears. Amazing.

The “structure” is not absolutely necessary when using the other requirement for any long duration human missions, which is a massive cosmic ray water shield. With thousands of tons of water involved, the mass and dampening effects make a tether system far more practical.

A Tether Generated Artificial Gravity system (TGAG) is integrated with a Cosmic Ray Water Shield (CRWS) to provide a Near Sea Level Radiation 1 Gravity environment (NSLR1G). This is how human beings are going live and thrive in space. Not with any lesser measures.

Martin has a job waiting for him at SpaceX. Obviously. I would suspect much the same thing happens with anyone who is promoting something like the Starship, or the V-22 for example. It is much like the V-22 and the CH-53K. One is a monstrosity and the other can really lift some stuff. Just like the Starlifter and the SLS.

Koch is burning in the bad place; they made it hotter just for him. His brother will join him and they just might pour some more gasoline on both of them for the reunion. That is what you get for spending a fortune on propaganda convincing people to do nothing to avert a global catastrophe with the potential to kill billions.

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