The War Continues part 6

That the NewSpace fanboys think space stations are going to be “cheap” and they will be able to take out a second mortgage and get their astronaut wings that way is how the movement started.

Juvenile, ridiculous, harmful to space exploration.

SLSFanboy Michael Weidler 

Another spacex advertisement…thanks for the second hand pot smoke.

Vladislaw  SLSFanboy and how is that different than your non stop never ending advertisements for the SLS? Heck you even advertise it in your name with every post.

Nate  Vladislaw The difference is that he’s right, because he says he is.

SLSFanboy  Nate And you…are cyber stalking me, along with a couple others now. Pretty soon every comment I make will have a long trail of disgusting harassing nonsense replies. So much for free speech.

SLSFanboy  Vladislaw LITERALLY libraries of death-to-SLS comments have been written for years by a legion of Musk fanboys. And you are upset about my views on America’s space program and rocket to the Moon? Pathetic.

Unlike almost everyone else here, I am NOT emotionally invested in any machines. I was a technician and crew on some pretty amazing aircraft and while everyone else waxed poetic over their beauty and exalted place in the universe I never thought of them as anything but…machines. My focus is on humankind not going extinct. Dont’ care at all about Elon or spacex or Boeing or SLS or any of those things. The dominant ideology of the fanboys here makes money the god of this world- it is an Ayn Rand in space kind of thing and it is all bad. Your gang has emotional issues, not me. Probably why I see right through rocket jesus.

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