Only Real Americans

4:50 “-racism is a mechanism of power, which is why you see many people who aren’t personally racist at all, who are simply…want their taxes cut, don’t want government regulation, exploiting any means they can, supporting any kind of mass panic, be it a racial panic, be it a panic about COVID, to push people to vote for an extremist movement that is going to pad their pockets.”

5:25 “-many business elites, particularly in the hydrocarbon business, they recognize that their work is against the public good. So…they need to support a movement that will split apart the public and result in a system that they can control.”

The contemporary American fascist movement is led by oligarchical interests for whom the public good is an impediment…” Jason Stanley

Paraphrasing Kathleen Belew: All of us are more violent in the aftermath of war (Afghanistan)…Certainly, we are experiencing one of these historic peaks. “We are at a crisis point that just boggles understanding.”

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