One Year and still in Danger

The one percent sowed chaos to keep eyes turned away from taxes and regulation and may well have burned this nation to the ground.

“The 400 richest families in America pay about 6 percent income tax.”

They used to pay 91 percent and that 85 percent is paying for this insurrection. It is not over and the crescendo has not yet come to pass.

Ethnic Entrepreneurs…in an “anocracy.” We are in big trouble. What is so bizarre is my black and hispanic coworkers who are conservatives or evangelicals and their cognitive dissonance regarding what is going to happen to them when the Fascists take over. I know what is going to happen but they do not seem capable of understanding it. My uncle fought at the battle of the bulge.

Most Americans don’t even understand what democracy is; the elected few governing according to the wishes of and serving the many. The autocrats are the wealthy few governing according to their wishes and served by the many.

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