I Did To

When the republican leader said no one elected Biden to be FDR, AOC yelled, “I DID!”

It is completely obvious by now that the republicans are going to try and overthrow democracy and replace it with autocracy. Sadly, the one percent have invested mountains of money in brainwashing the masses, and most Americans do not understand what is going to happen. It is going to happen and the left is not going to submit as the right expects them to.

When Trumpism meets McCarthyism. Capitalism is essentially self-predatory. It builds empires and then inevitably melts down. America is all about NOT self-destructing and that makes the neoliberal right the enemy of democracy. These republican elected officials and media influencers are responsible for tens of thousands of people dying needlessly and that is truth, that is fact. The right is blatantly pushing multiple big lies, shamelessly. America is headed for a civil war. Again, it is obvious to any critical thinker that the right is going to overthrow democracy and impose autocracy. It is happening.

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