Flood The Zone

The media is the key…the very first amendment.

The half of America living in their bubble hear nothing but what Bannon and the fascists want them to hear. The other half is wondering why so many trying to overthrow democracy and install a fascist autocracy are still sitting in the Capitol as elected officials.

The white homeland is being slowly but surely created by the neo-nazis.

All they have to do is not say what they are doing. Not saying anything “racist.”

But they all know exactly what they are doing. And so do we.

“-the FBI warning that domestic white supremacists are now the top threat to Americans.” Gosart consorted with white supremacists- no disputing that. And the entire Republican house except for two, who anti-Trump and will not tell the big lie, voted that it was fine for Gosart to present a video depicting AOC being murdered. We are coming to the end of a long road yet few seem to understand this. People like Steve Bannon, who openly boasts the “Biden regime” is going to be overthrown, understand.

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