Everything….EVERTHING political, traces back to the one percent trying to not pay taxes. They will do anything to distract, disrupt, and influence, and in fact invest vast sums to preserve astronomical wealth. They do this despite all the harm attached because they worship money as the god of this world. Human lives are not a concern…only the profit they generate. This is the 1st cause all progressives (and democrats) need to understand.

Millions of people are not going to let fascism replace democracy and that means a bloody civil war could be coming. Unbelievable and insane yet there it is. These right-wing creatures are the tools of the one percent that worship money as the god of this world: everything traces back to the rich trying to not pay taxes. Why is this not the revealed truth that is discussed every hour of every day by the media?


Trumpists are dreaming about “The Day Of The Rope” from the Turner Diaries. It is one of the anchors of their base. They will never admit it, but it is what it is.

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