Hypocrisy Warning

When the highest court in the land practices hypocrisy…the end is not far away. While I did say in my last post that “judges and generals” were my new heroes, I was speaking of the judges that refused to aid and abet an overthrow of the government. There are of course grave problems with a conservative-packed judiciary. I will not walk back my hero statement concerning Trumpism, but problems with judges and generals remain. What are my problems with generals? They should be trying to convert this military industrial complex into a space industrial complex. Space Solar Power as the solution to climate change.


Age 62, IQ 101, education GED, yet I can see what all these hundreds of millions of geniuses at the top of the food chain are completely blind to: there is only one way for humankind to escape extinction and that is to end our finite lifespan and make it indefinite. What is true for the least of us is true for our entire species- either we all make it or none of us do. And the first and most obvious challenge to overcome is to delay death by freezing people without damage (The Great Rescue) so they can be revived when aging can be reversed (The Great Awakening).

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