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“If they cannot be convinced, it is frustrating because any sane relatively intelligent human being will understand what the significance of the filibuster is-”

What Mary Trump is talking about is the Trumpist’s putting Donald Trump back in office if the filibuster is not removed. The filibuster is what will allow the right wing to keep all the recent anti-voting laws in effect and inevitably allow Republican controlled state legislatures to reject election results (and put Trump back in office).

This is going to happen and yet nothing is being done to stop it. Democracy in America may be about to end. If the right wing does not accept election results then a bloody civil war is in our future.

At 6:14 Sarah Chayes explains what happened in Afghanistan and in my view it is close to what is happening in America. When nobody trusts anything they are told what is left is the grifter and bully doing what they want.

I have voted only three times in my long life…for Ross Perot because he wanted to stop off-shoring U.S. jobs, for Barrack Obama in hopes he would “send the helicopters in” and get us out of the middle east, and for Joe Biden because of Trump. The jobs were offshored, Obama did not get us out, but Biden seems to be trying to get it all done. And the one percent are, as they always have, doing their best to end democracy in America. That white people are not replacing themselves is bad news because it is one of those sparks that can ignite a catastrophe. White grievance could burn it all down. I am scared.

The lesson to be learned from Afghanistan, to make the lives and treasure spent worth the sacrifice, is to realize it is not money that matters, it is we the people. Our loyalty and goodwill depends upon those in authority working for our welfare instead of maintaining the obscene wealth of the few. The Neoliberal monster slowly consuming society will destroy America as surely as corruption corroded Afghanistan till now there is nothing left to steal.

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