Do You Believe In America?

A couple years ago on a break I disagreed with a coworker on some political issues and the question he asked keeps haunting me. I did not realize at that time he was actually inferring I was not really an “American.” I believed we were conversing in good faith as concerned citizens. But now I understand that clearly there was no good faith then and there is none to be found on the right now. Those of us who see through the big lie and see the right working to end democracy face a looming catastrophe. The right has devolved over the last half a decade into a closed culture, a cult, of borderline fascism. They believe in a different America than I and the majority of the population do. The question that follows is which America is going to exist five years from now? Again, there are two contrasting worldviews in direct conflict and our divided nation may actually enter into a civil war over them in the near future.

Since the Reagan Revolution the belief system called Neoliberalism has been the operating system of the human species on planet Earth. Money is the god of this world. There is no argument about this…it is the truth. A truth the right has propagandized in an Orwellian fashion into the greatest good when it is of course fundamentally evil. Neoliberals do not recognize any inherent good in telling the truth and lie like the rest of us breathe. The only good, the only sacred activity, is acquiring wealth. It is an absolutely amoral philosophy deifying profit as the singular holy and all powerful force. We are now dealing with the consequences of four decades of this satanic religion corrupting society.

My coworker is typical of tens of millions of Trumpists who have a profoundly distorted worldview and this leads me to truly believe something really bad could be in store for us all…soon. I am worried. When I speak about “The Nordic Model” to Trumpists they go straight to branding me a socialist and a Marxist every time. There is no hope for these people. It is not only the hardcore right; many have been infected with conspiracy theories and I have repeatedly encountered intelligent college graduate people who believe some of this nonsense. The destruction of credibility is a recently perfected formula for generating chaos. This Firehose of Falsehood, a well known Russian disinformation tactic, is now in full play in America.

Destroying the truth just happens to be the best cover for maintaining obscene wealth. Nobody has the time to vote for progressive taxation when the communists are coming to eat your infant. The masses have been manipulated by the one percent to the point where there is a real danger of a fascist overthrow of the government and where that leads nobody can predict. Reading The Turner Diaries, racists will say a likely outcome of their white nationalist coup will be “The Day Of The Rope.” White grievance is the underlying driver and will spin out of control. Any who doubt this is a possibility should consider the laws being passed by red states blatantly arranging for their coming election results to be thrown out. It is transparently obvious the only way for conservatives to stay in power is to end democracy. Anyone can see it yet nobody knows what to do about it. And when it happens only one avenue will be left. Violence.

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