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“It is much more than that-” Today was a big deal. Democracy continues to be in great danger.

“The reason our party is growing with minorities and with working men and women is because president Trump appears to be on the side of people working really hard-” Lindsey Graham

My coworkers are blue collar and none of us are college graduates- we are classic white grievance fodder for Trumpism. I, as my big five personality profile would predict, am NOT a Trumpist… but so many others who have different character traits were sucked into the alt right alternate reality by satanic algorithms. And here we are, millions of us on opposite sides of a fence constructed of greed and propaganda.

“Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) told The Daily Beast that Cheney had thrown GOP lawmakers “under the bus” precisely because she called out those actively questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election.

“If we say we have questions about the 2020 election, then you’re somehow enemy to democracy,” Loudermilk said.”

This is the Orwellian playbook that Trumpist’s are now completely relying on- denying reality and saying the lie must be the truth and the truth must be the lie because the Cult Leader says so. “Questioning” an election that was endlessly investigated and found to be a fair and legal election by every state election official and court of law, those courts packed with republican appointed judges, is… fact….being an enemy to democracy. There is no “somehow” about it.

The simple story that so many on the right simply refuse to believe is that the Republican Party is the party of the rich, and has, for over a century, worked to increase the wealth of the one percent while doing as little as possible for the ninety-nine. When pressed they present trickle-down economics as the true faith and everything else as godless communism. This is their true identity and yet so many people I know have a completely different view. Fox News is the surreal faux reality TV portrayal of a right-wing fantasy. It poisoned my father’s last years, as he loved Bill O’Reilly and considered Donald Trump the best candidate because he was “a successful businessman.” I even considered voting for Trump just to honor his memory, but I could not and so did not vote at all. I certainly voted after the four year trainwreck that ensued. And now it seems it is not over and could actually get worse. If this is the death of truth in America then our days as a functioning nation are numbered.

White grievance, fear of “replacement” – The more the white population had declined the greater the number of insurrectionists came from those counties. 4 percent, or 10 million, believe the election was stolen and would willingly participate in violent protest. The most common characteristic was fear of replacement. The clear core belief is the “rights” of non-whites rising above whites.

Trumpism (fascism) is infecting the right and fear of white replacement is being exploited (with social media) to manipulate the masses. Neoliberalism has no problem with this dynamic and has in fact enabled it. Inequality has driven white grievance and resulted in Trumpism. The worst part of all of this is the one third of the insurrectionists who are veterans or active duty military and law enforcement.

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