Banned Forever by NewSpace

Parabolic Arc, the last forum where I was allowed to comment, has banned me. No criticism of the NewSpace flagship company (or it’s founder) is tolerated on any of the popular space forums. The intense and incessant harassment I have experienced over the last decade anywhere I have attempted to express my views was never something I tolerated and I gave it back…and was banned. Over and over again. And now, once again, my voice, my “vote” in the public forum of ideas, has been silenced.

The Trump Cult and the Musk Cult are in many ways very similar, though the two seem to agree on only a few issues, such as COVID denial and the rich getting infinitely richer. While Musk professes to be all about working to mitigate climate change, his position on Space Solar Energy, the only real solution available, is “Space Solar Power- the stupidest thing ever.” The most pernicious idea spread by the NewSpace Mob has been that the space agency and government contractors (that is everybody) are corrupt, incompetent, and that NASA should be dismantled and it all (presumably tax dollars also) “handed over to Musk.”

Handing over all power to a totalitarian dictator and accompanying oligarchs is nothing new. The sociopaths who crave power and wealth turned the 20th century, which I was born into the middle of, a genocidal bloodbath. I can only assume what has ended my participation in public discourse on that last forum I was commenting on was this view, which was posted and then quickly removed shortly before I was banned:

“Fermi left Italy in 1938 to escape new Italian racial laws that affected his Jewish wife, Laura Capon. He emigrated to the United States, where he worked on the Manhattan Project during World War II. Fermi led the team that designed and built Chicago Pile-1, which went critical on 2 December 1942, demonstrating the first human-created, self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction. He was on hand when the X-10 Graphite Reactor at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, went critical in 1943, and when the B Reactor at the Hanford Site did so the next year. At Los Alamos, he headed F Division, part of which worked on Edward Teller’s thermonuclear “Super” bomb. He was present at the Trinity test on 16 July 1945, where he used his Fermi method to estimate the bomb’s yield.”

They call it “Edward Teller’s- Super” but it was really Stan Ulam that created the H-bomb.

Fermi wondered why we were not detecting other intelligent beings beyond Earth and this became the Fermi Paradox and THAT is actually what space is all about….not tourism. It is about us collectively, as a species, and not about individual ideology. It is interesting that “heaven” is also about survival and those other stars in the heavens are the only way “we” are going to be here for more than a tick of the relative clock.

Some people are fine with Human extinction and consider it, like their own death, to be inevitable and focus on having their fun- and to hell with everything else. Some people even profess an interest in the survival imperative as long as it benefits their hobby or tourism agendas. They make up a conversation inferring only the profit motive and personal greed is going to save our species from itself. Very clever.

Only the massive resources of a Superpower like America, committed to a decades long public works project in space, can expand humankind into the cosmos. Anything else is a scam. Not only that, but a scam working directly against the survival of the human race.
The NewSpace scam. NewSpace delenda est


While Fox News can say “some people” I apparently am not entitled.

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