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The gift that has been pouring tax dollars into corporate pockets since 1984- Reagan’s Star Wars.

The most profitable scam in DOD history. Missile defense that will never work as advertised.

It is fascinating to me because several of the projects inspired by the original Casaba Howitzer research in the 1960’s such as Excalibur resulted in mountains of data applicable to Nuclear Pulse Propulsion.

Pulse is the only propulsion system in sight that can enable Human Space Flight Beyond Earth and Lunar Orbit (HSF-BELO). The recent talk of millions directed at Nuclear Thermal Rockets (NTR’s) is sad proof that only those companies with insiders in Aerospace will get funded and those dollars will ultimately go to waste. NTRs are a complete dead end.

Meanwhile…vast sums continue to be squandered on missile defense that does not work and the weaponization of Earth orbit with smallsat constellations. The public does not have a clue.

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