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This is the way it works with Human Space Flight Vlad, please pay attention:

There is NO PROFIT to be made in HSF. Not going to be for a long time. The SHLV’s required to effect a lunar return and establish a permanent human presence off-world are only going to come from a state-sponsored public works project.

As with the first space age (with the goal of landing humans on the Moon) the government space agency will determine how a permanent presence is to be accomplished and then contract with aerospace concerns for the appropriate hardware.

Read it…understand it….and then consider the quasi-marketing B.S. Cult of personality and toxic cocktail of Neoliberal and Libertarian ideologies being endlessly cycled through this forum.

My breath to waste, thanks for your concern though 😦

“Commercial space” proponents are the ones trolling me, in case you haven’t noticed. These automatic disgusting relentless insults and denigration are way beyond anything I deserve.

The problem, as I have stated, is the feedback loop of foul-mouthed bullies feeding off each other year after year until they believe anything they want. Much like our government over the last four years.

I don’t have a problem. I am simply expressing my views on a public forum.

The fanboys here are absolutely and indisputably cult-like and allow no criticism of their belief system. I am critical of the whole NewSpace ideology, sincerely believe it is hurting and not helping, and this is a forum about space…and I will express my views. I should not be harassed.
It is wrong.

Like I told Ron before I blocked him:
You can preach on this street corner all you want, but you don’t own the street.

“This is a hypersonics first deal, then GBSD, then space.”

The Ground Based Strategic Deterrent intercontinental ballistic missile program is the replacement for the Minuteman ICBM, by the way. This is about cold war toys, not about space. It is not surprising the Musk Fans have such animus for LockMart.

The hatred for any company other than the favorite here is over-the-top in the comments section of the other article concerning this story.

The Cult surrounding the NewSpace flagship company and founder allows no criticism of their ideology on this forum….it is completely toxic to any free speech or differing views.

It is a classic feature of all Cults that an enemy upon which to focus the negative energy of the very flawed and unsuccessful membership is required. “OldSpace” and NASA as part of that demonized entity are unceasingly trashed and denigrated. And anyone who is not playing their part is ruthlessly trolled by SUPER-TROLLS like se jones and his various accounts.

This is why NewSpace is the worst thing that has ever happened to space exploration. The unrealized profoundly pernicious effect of a decade of unrelenting propaganda and corrosive trolling on forums. It has likely sabotaged any collective efforts to direct America back into space in a meaningful way.

The worst bunch on the internet and working directly against any progress in space. No doubt about that.
The Cult of Musk, like The Cult of Trump, needs to end.

The RL-10 and IVF (Integrated Vehicle Fluids) technology is the only thing I have seen available that would work for a Hydrogen Oxygen Lunar Lander in the near future. I presume it is fairly developed since it uses a piston engine and has been in the works for several years.

“At the heart of the patented IVF design is a small 6 cylinder internal combustion engine, that aspirates GH2, with O2 injection, that is joined with starter/generator, small batteries, a coolant loop, and a compressor with many similarities to a hybrid car engine.”

IVF replaces the conventional RCS system and several others.

“In the early 2000s, NASA contracted with Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne to develop the Common Extensible Cryogenic Engine (CECE) demonstrator. CECE was intended to lead to RL10 engines capable of deep throttling.[14] In 2007, its operability (with some “chugging”) was demonstrated at 11:1 throttle ratios.[15] In 2009, NASA reported successfully throttling from 104 percent thrust to eight percent thrust, a record for an expander cycle engine of this type. Chugging was eliminated by injector and propellant feed system modifications that control the pressure, temperature and flow of propellants.[16] In 2010, the throttling range was expanded further to a 17.6:1 ratio, throttling from 104% to 5.9% power.[17]”

The IVF system and deep throttling RL-10’s seem to provide what is needed for a Lander, where other designs will face boil-off problems and also still need hypergolics.

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