Genes and Genocide

It is so obvious and yet no one will say it: The President of the United States is courting the Neo-Nazi movement. Proud boys celebrate.

The debate was so bad nobody wants to watch it

Rachel hit the nail on the head. I just don’t want to watch it. And I have been clicking off news that shows segments of it. Trump is essentially just showcasing the bully he is because in his experience it is what works. It is all just a joke to him because anything or anyone that does not serve him is a joke. And that arrogance attracts his base.

“Defend the system or he will crush it.”

In Trumps mind the proud boys are his army

Stand back and stand by can only mean exactly what it sounds like: shut up right now and when I say the election was rigged and I did not lose then fight for me.

The most spoiled rotten bunch of creeps in history

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