Fusion and Age Reversal


When I started this blog I held to some strong positions concerning space travel and the future of humankind. One of those positions was an extremely skeptical view of fusion reactors. I have repeatedly stated over the years the only two places fusion was going to be useful was in a sun or a bomb.

Interestingly, I held the opposite view concerning a technique for freezing human beings without damage. The central idea has always been that star travel will take centuries and only freezing people will enable such missions without constructing “world ships.” It follows that if freezing a human being without damage becomes practical this will have a profound effect on the human race, will change literally everything, and be the most important event in history.

A working revivable freezing process will very quickly make possible a war on death with millions and possibly, eventually, billions at the end of their lifespan being frozen. As soon as this “Great Rescue” begins, the “Great Race” to reverse aging will also begin, with the resources of our entire civilization involved.

Now there appears to be the real possibility of fusion reactors, due to high temperature superconductors, but no progress on freezing people.

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