Those Cosmic Ray Rats Again

For several years I endlessly argued with Muskrats about cosmic radiation, among other things, on the forums found on popular space blogs and news sites. Until, one by one, I was eventually banned from all of them. My message was as unchanging as the amount of radiation and decrease in bone mass experienced by astronauts, so when I used other names I was instantly recognized and banned again.

I was allowed to continue posting on Dr. Paul Spudis’ blog but he died of cancer in 2018 and now I have only my own blog on which to comment on these issues. The political situation has kept me occupied for many months and after we throw that maniac out of the white house I hope to again concentrate on space travel and life extension as the main subjects of this blog. That said, the radiation on the Moon is one of those things the NewSpace fanatics discount as unimportant when it is actually the single most important issue in Human Space Flight (HSF).

Of the three named scientists in my own view concerning HSF, which I call
“The Parker-Dyson-Spudis Continuum” (PDSC), only Eugene Parker, age 93, is left, Freeman Dyson having passed away at the beginning of this year and, as noted, Paul Spudis also passed in 2018. Parker wrote the classic laymen’s guide to space radiation for Scientific American in 2006. titled “Shielding Space Travelers.” NewSpace adherents reject this article and react in righteous indignation whenever it is cited. They also have no use for Nuclear Pulse Propulsion, despite the concept having been validated by Freeman Dyson in project Orion and endorsed by several famous figures such as Wernher von Braun, Arthur C. Clarke, and Carl Sagan. In fact, they have nothing good to say about anything not found on the SpaceX website. At this point I am hoping Bridenstine gets picked up by the Biden administration and the SLS program is expanded.

NewSpace is the worst thing that has ever happened to space exploration.

Worse than both shuttle disasters.

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