Free And Fair Election?

No evidence of voter fraud but they are pushing the idea

The most profound and lasting damage Trump has done is to make lying accepted as just another feature of society- and the deadly corrosive effects could destroy America. The most unrecognized and underestimated effect of Trumpism- the death of truth.

They are trying to set it up and it looks like they WILL try: Trumps regime will announce the election was NOT fair and try to steal it.

Brianna explains it well: it is not about “us” against Black Lives Matter.

They lie about lying.

My comments: I am sure the Joint Chiefs know what to do- and they have special forces operators (thousands of them) who can and will blow through any kind of private army Trump has and remove him from office. I have worked with these people and it will not matter if they voted for Trump…they will accomplish whatever mission they are given, including removing a president who refuses to leave office. You have to understand the code they live by to know why that is virtually guaranteed. They did not swear any oath to Donald Trump. It is not like in the movies where all kinds of improbable drama happens- that is contrived trash. They will be given a brief and asked if they want to opt out in this case…and none of them will, and then they will go do it. And Putin will be disappointed. Trump will not understand, but likely he has some minions who do, and that is why they are trying to find any way they can to muddy the waters and poison the well. They will either have to somehow prevent those votes from being counted, put in place electors to disregard the popular vote, or start a nuclear war. Or…just wing it and hope the citizenry is so dumbed-down and apathetic they will get away with it. And after working with forever trumpers for the last 4 years I am scared.

The officer corps is college educated and has a far lower percentage of Trump supporters- and they will do what is right: they WILL remove Trump. They will give the orders and those orders will be obeyed. I know this to be true- myself and most of my family are retired military (enlisted and not officers). Guaranteed.

“They are trying to do a political hit and delay it-” …Disgusting Trumpism.

The president of the United States is actually saying his enemies are delaying a life-saving vaccine (and thus actually causing needless deaths). Madness. It is becoming so absolutely clear that Trump is really going to try and steal the election. Less than 40 percent of the citizenry support him and the rest of us want him OUT…and it seems obvious he is going to try and cheat his way into another 4 years. It is happening.

Unbelievable. I am losing it also Sam.

Take immediate action!

The clock is winding down and time is running out.

Blatant- it is now obvious Trump is going to try and steal the election

The right is no longer running against Trumps opponent; they are running against the election process itself. Trump and his republican supporters are going to call the election unfair and try to stay in power. What we only thought happened in dictatorships like Russia and banana republics. It is happening in America right now.

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