Stairway to Heaven

So…we have all been brainwashed by these algorithms trying to sell us something. It is a triumph for Neoliberalism which holds money is the god of this world.

The stairway to heaven.

We continue to add problems to a very long list and at some point it becomes a statistical certainty that one of them will destroy civilization. He mentions deepfakes at the end and it really is a good question to ask: if we cannot trust anything we see as real or factual or representing the truth then we have no choice but to simply trust those in our immediate vicinity and that is largely circumstance. The feedback loops of these algorithms determine those original states and circumstances. It reduces to greed and absolute evil.

Crazier every day. It cannot go on like this. What is going to happen?

Insider killing suspects released despite Afghanistan protests. The day before 9/11 people involved in killing U.S. troops were released. Crazier and crazier. What next?

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