They found Q maybe…

I would guess the man from New Jersey was from the start trying to popularize some conspiracy scam to make money with and succeeded beyond his wildest dreams with QAnon.

A family member in San Francisco called my wife the other morning about the orange sky. I guess it is really disturbing to see and has many people suddenly realizing that climate change might not be the hoax the Koch brothers paid to institutionalize.

image: Vanity Fair

All I can say in his defense is that he might have wanted to destroy Trump and decided to wait for maximum effect. If he waited because he wanted to sell books then…that is on him. But taking the spotlight off Trump and wasting time damning Woodward is not doing the right thing either. They should bring it up after the election.

There are FT’s (Forever Trumpers) and LeftT’s (Progressives) and there are NT’s (Never Trumpers) and CD’s (Corporate Democrats). Those are the cardinal points of the compass. The only ones that can save America are the same ones that put the screws to FDR and made the New Deal happen (LeftT’s). Our only hope is the Green New Deal. We have to 1. Get rid of Trump, 2. Put the screws to Biden (or Harris if he resigns due to health reasons) and make them adopt a Progressive instead of Corporate agenda, and 3. Keep the Neoliberals in check so the Green New Deal can work. Why don’t they put that out and tell everyone else to also?

The “Truth Died” repeatedly over the years. The first time was probably when Bill Clinton sold the Democratic party down the river for corporate money. MSNBC is not going to talk about that because it happens to be owned by a corporation. I never knew until I began to study up after the destruction of truth by Trump began. I knew nothing about what Neoliberalism is. Now I do. The Russians, our new adversary after the end of World War II, may have finally beat us in the most insidious way possible. Our president may be a Russian asset. Just as incredible as Trumps conspiracy theories….except it is quite possibly true. It came out a couple days ago they stopped the counterintelligence investigation on Trump and nobody really knows. It just keeps getting crazier and crazier every day.

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