67 Days and QNAnon might work

4:28 “I literally breathe, it’s a big technique and it will happen in the moment and I will just stop and then just take deep breaths and I will have a little something I say like breathe in power, breathe out anger-”

I breathed in power and breathed out a spontaneous “do something.” Maybe I will start my own conspiracy theory cult. I will call it the cult of…let me think about it tomorrow. It won’t be QNAnon though.

“Lenders add value by way of interest and Merchants by resale but neither are producing. The Employer buys the time/labor and the raw materials/tools and takes the added value from what is produced. While Lenders and Merchants only use money or finished goods already produced, the Employer OWNS the means of production. That is capital. It seems there are these three categories- Lenders, Merchants, and Employers- and they deal with money, products, raw materials/tools etc. but the Employee is in a separate category as all three use them; typically the Lenders not so many, the Merchants more, and the Employers who OWN the means of production the most. Still slightly confusing as the “Employers” should more accurately be called “Capitalists” and all three employers of the Employee. I am interested in ways to explain this that others can more easily understand.”




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