68 Days and the shooting is starting

So the militia guy, looks like a 17 year old, shot some people in Kenosha.



This is not going well. The media seems in my perception to not be jumping on it- I would guess because they know how serious this is. I am scared about how this could develop. The video of police thanking the militia and handing out water to them is damning in the extreme.

It occurs to me we might need a fourth branch of government after the Trump fiasco is over; a “Fourth Power” – from Wiki: “The equivalent term “fourth power” is somewhat uncommon in English, but it is used in many European languages, including German (Vierte Gewalt), Spanish (Cuarto poder), and French (Quatrième pouvoir), to refer to a government’s separation of powers into legislativeexecutive, and judicial branches.”

The media says Trump has promoted and allowed the destruction of the truth. Many many people do not trust or believe anything anymore and this is incredibly destructive and has done inestimable damage. We probably need to elect people to a new branch who are not political, religious, or biased toward anything but presenting facts accurately to the public. Because the media is presently for-profit and mostly owned by corporations means there is likely not enough public trust to keep the “conspiracy virus” from running out of control at this point.

Neal is inept…for most politicians there are so many layers of confusing babble protecting them they are immune to being exposed like this. And they look at Neal and wait to see if he gets away with it and then they can be less cautious or if he gets dethroned- then they will tighten up a little in response. The only way for Americans to fix this is likely mass demonstrations. Chris Hedges says it is too late to use the system to fix the system- it is so corrupt only massive non-violent protest in the streets will terrify those in power enough to cause change. I have to go with that.

More scary QAnon stuff.

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