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While counter demonstrators accused the militia members and their supporters as promoting racism, a Florida militia member who gave his call sign as “Rick Rat” said his participation wasn’t “a race thing.”

“Everybody should come together and march on DC and get all the damn Democrats out of office,” he said. ”What I think they are trying to do is start a race war.”

Rick then launched into a version of a popular internet conspiracy theory known as QAnon and accused an unnamed group of Washington “elites” of being pedophiles.

“They are killing the kids and selling their organs,” he said.

8/15/20 - Stone Mountain, GA - Police begin to move in as several far-right groups, including militias and white supremacists, rally Saturday in the town of Stone Mountain, and a broad coalition of leftist anti-racist groups organized a counter-demonstration there after local authorities closed Stone Mountain park.   Alyssa Pointer /

Credit: Alyssa Pointer

Around 1 p.m., following an uptick in fighting between the groups, police marched through downtown with riot shields and dispersed the crowd. Behind the police, a unit of the National Guard waited in case they were needed, but the vast majority of protesters left peacefully. By 2 p.m., downtown Stone Mountain was quiet.

Stone Mountain police Chief Chancey Troutman said he told the groups they had three minutes to disperse.

”If they didn’t disperse in those three minutes, arrests would have been made,” he said.

Shaddi Abusaid contributed to this report.

Anti-vaxxers, QAnon, and the Alt-right are combining into a psychotic monster. It is accelerating which is exactly what the “Accelerationist’s” want. Waiting for judgement day? The day, “Der Tag” is a definite possibility. Especially with The Presidential Crimes Commission in the works. What better reason to burn down a nation than to avoid prosecution?

The three people I am most interested in hearing from this guys podcast are AOC, Chris Hedges, and…George Monbiot. I should start my own podcast. My daughter even said I should.

18:49 to 20:00 explains it all. Then 29:00 to 30:30. And…33:40 to 35:00.

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