79 Days to go

YouTube comment: We are so conditioned to Trump doing whatever he wants and getting away with it that putting him in prison does not seem possible. It is not going to be that way when he is no longer the President. Considering everything he has done and things we do not know about yet, and placing yourself outside of this alternate reality that is Trumpism, it would appear almost certain he is going to prison.

Timothy McVeigh was trying to make the Turner Diaries a reality. Every true believer white supremacist in the U.S., I will take a wild guess and say about a million of them, is thinking right now might be the only chance they will ever have to accomplish what McVeigh attempted- to start a race war. A war that will see death camps exterminating all minorities in the United States and making Aryanism the state religion. It seems crazy to even consider the nightmare scenario of a genocidal race war- but with the average age of whites at 58 and those of minorities 27, this is the only chance at any Rwanda-style ethnic cleansing the white supremacists are going to get and they know it. The numbers don’t lie.

Because it is possible Trump will try and wreck our fragile democracy in an attempt to stay in power the Neo-Nazis know this as one factor. That so much distrust has been sown with conspiracy theories like QAnon and the President branding the media as fake news, branding those fighting fascism like Antifa and branding social justice movements like BLM as “terrorists”, the Neo-Nazis know this is another factor. And of course the virus is the third factor and this all adds up to their big chance. I am scared.

It will not take much to light off something that will be very hard to stop. Russia and China know this.

She knows their secret- that a percentage of whites hate/fear non-whites and want non-whites disappeared. That is the true base of their power.

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