They Are Here

Soon enough the unspeakable will be known to all: the final solution to climate change, and all white grievance. The idea has been evolving since the rise of Neoliberalism and will manifest as a crusade to exterminate 7 billion, leaving a “White Planet” of 1 billion. The Neo-Fascists are already in government and no matter how hard they try not to, they give themselves away and tell us who they are.

The final solution to all problems on Earth for the extreme right, white nationalists, and Neo-Fascists, will soon become “what is not to be spoken of” as their secret “New Deal.” That is, to exterminate all non-whites, jews, progressives, and useless eaters. This would leave approximately a billion people left on a White Planet with all the culture war and environmental problems suddenly solved. This cannot be allowed to happen. The only way to avert this path to genocide that I can see is Space Solar Power by way of lunar resources. The entire planet mobilized, as it was in World War 2, to avert a Climate Catastrophe by completely powering civilization from space. A “Green New Space Deal” would preemptively defeat a Neo-Fascist/Neo-Nazi “White Planet movement.”

As the saying goes, history does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme. While World War 2 was the central event of the 20th century, Climate Catastrophe is on track to wreck the planet and kill billions in the 21st century. The ideologies that fought to the death in the last century, Fascist-Imperialism and Communist-Totalitarianism, were defeated by a nation with a mixed economy featuring elements of both. America tipped the scales against both extremes in that global conflict and now must do so again.

We MUST, or America may end and the human race spiral into a dark age unlike any before.

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