Kinzinger: Lies Trump Truth

Plato did not like democracy because the mob voted the death penalty for Socrates. That is where representative democracy came into play to moderate direct democracy. A very simplified and paraphrased and somewhat analogized version of an over two-thousand-year-old historical saga, but as true as any such approximation. Climate catastrophe is looming and whether civilization will survive is the question no one can answer. The truth is what will save humankind and nothing else. And, as Pilate asked, “what is truth?”

The very reason this blog was created 7 years ago is Elon Musk. His cyberthugs had me banned, repeatedly, from all the popular space forums. So, I started writing here. And here we are with Musk and Trump and a host of neo-fascists trying to ban the truth and the concept of democracy. Why? Because democracy is the absolute enemy of those who worship money as the god of this world. Money is the only real magic and greed the only real conspiracy. All things evil and destructive can be traced back to the demon prince of hell Mammon. And in Orwellian fashion these very same Ayn-Rand-in-space-libertarian whack jobs that forced me to create this blog consider greed and craving for god-like power to be the only “good” in their nihilistic universe. Much like the Nazis.

Truth is the lifeblood of a functioning democracy, and the fourth estate of a free press is the only truth we the people know. A free press disseminating facts as truth is supported by an academia based on the scientific method. This is the big advantage modern society has over ancient Greece. Anti-science such as anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories and White Christian Nationalist grievance replacement conspiracy theories pushed on social media, denying the truth presented by the press as “fake news”, is fatal poison to American democracy. We know how the algorithms work to radicalize the lower half of the IQ spectrum in pursuit of clicks. This so simple mechanism is deadly to the truth. America as we know it is dying and unless an antidote is administered soon it will be too late. Truth.

Climate change is the red flag telling humankind to get woke. To tax billionaires out of existence before they burn civilization to the ground is our only hope.

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