Hiroshima Day 2022

77 years ago we nuked Japan. On a show I really like, Amanpour and Company, a recent episode tried to argue, on this very liberal program, that dropping the bomb was necessary to force Japan to surrender. Which greatly disappointed me. I had thought that issue had been decided years ago by works examining Japanese discussions in the last days of the war which clearly indicated the bomb was consider just another weapon while Russia declaring war was a far more frightening development.

We can remove Nuclear Weapons from planet Earth only by building human-crewed “space-boomers” that take them months away into deep space. Interestingly, these true atomic spaceships would be propelled by nuclear explosions using Nuclear Pulse Propulsion. Fissile material production would be removed to the Moon and the weapons only assembled far, far, from Earth. Spaceships are the only workable solution as getting rid of all Nuclear Weapons would once again immerse civilization in a new cycle of world wars.

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