People, State, Mob

“-An all-white planet achieved through profound violence and assymetric warfare.”

She nailed that one…crystal clear. They all fantasize about “the day of the rope.”

“I think that it is difficult to be too worried about this at present. In my view there are two major dangers posed to everyone in the United States right now from this movement. One of them is that groups like the Oathkeepers and the Proud Boys become a sort of paramilitary shock force of the most extreme parts of the GOP and lead us toward a sort of authoritarian politics that is enforced by violent action, intimidation, and all of the things we would expect from reading the history of those movements. The other is that there will be a contingent of people in those groups like the Oathkeepers and the Proud Boys that are not at all interested in the United States or gaining power as part of the GOP but who are actually interested in overthrowing the United States and creating their own ethno-state, which is not at all interested in democracy, or freedom, or voting, or any of the things I think of as patriotic. Both of these are dangerous to our society, and I think that one thing the committee is showing us is that the time to respond is growing short.”

“This is our opportunity to see behind the curtain, and so far, what we are seeing is very alarming and should escalate everybody’s sense of urgency about this problem.”

“We’re talking about huge sorts of “contortions” to make that OK with everybody (Christians and skinheads together) The thing that motivates that ability to be flexible and bring everyone together is an intense sense of emergency that the white race is under attack and will be eradicated without swift action.”

“That sense of emergency is able to pull in all kinds of different social issues into one sort of conspiratorial apocalyptic belief system.”

We cannot say we have not been warned. The storm is coming.

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