My Last Comment on Space Review

Rocket jesus is firing people and whining about the economy.

Could be a sign his house of cards is collapsing, and the Enron of space is about to crash and burn.

Real space enthusiasts can only hope and pray the ten-year NewSpace nightmare is about to end.

We also have “Klan gone Hiel HItler” commenting and resident sociopath se jones and full-tilt psychopath TomDPerkins down the page. Along with a long list of second-string trolls.

This is the story of NewSpace: a bunch of fascist freaks that have harassed those really interested in space and chased them away from these forums for over a decade.

Maybe John Oliver will do an expose about how all these forums have been hijacked.

And that obviously hit a nerve.

I was going to post a reply to my cyberstalker, se jones, who had trolled me with “I’ve known Musk for many years, ever since he joined The Mars Society. We disagree about a lot of things, including SPSP. I keep an open mind about it, and follow the tech advancements. But for f-sake, it’s not fing RELIGION, and Elon isn’t some kind of sacred profit or something.”

Oh…but it is a religion. And se jones does not want anyone to know that.

I usually feel bad about being banned, but not this time. I am just so sick of them all…the Musk worshipers, the Trumpists, the Ayn-Rand-in-Space libertarian whackjobs and their endless harassment. Good riddance. I did my duty to expose them for ten years. The SpaceX Review, The SpaceX News, and all the other infomercials completely hijacked by Muskrats, will not be forgotten. Like Fox News and other assorted trash, they will be thrown into that larger trash bin of history, along with the rest of the NewSpace garbage.

But we have other things to worry about as Americans. As Adam Kinzinger said,  “There is violence in the future.”

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