He is not a Space Buff

The National Defense Authorization Act, budgeting $740 billion for defense, was signed 27 December 2021.[12]

The DOD spends around 20 percent of the federal budget. Throw in the DOE (nuclear weapons) and DHS and a couple other defense related expenditures and this trillion dollars a year accomplishes….what?
It reminds me of the ISS at 4 billion a year accomplishing…what?

How about 4.4 percent of the federal budget, which is what was spent on NASA during Apollo, being spent on a Space Solar Power by way of Lunar Resources public works project to solve the Climate Change crisis?

We would have Super Heavy Lift Vehicles launching weekly or bi-weekly for the Moon. And the other nations of the world doubling or tripling that.

“I’m proud to be a buff of the space program and I’m proud to be a part of helping fund it,” he added.

He ain’t no space buff.

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